Jonathan currently teaches screenwriting and creative writing in New York City. For more information, please contact Jonathan at Jonathan.Kravetz AT Gmail.

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Once Upon a Time: How To Write a Story
You have a hundred good ideas, but you never get to the end, or you have a great ending, but you don’t know how to build the story to achieve your vision. In this class, we will explore the process, techniques and importance of storytelling with an eye toward combining structure with intuition – that happy marriage of form and inspiration master storytellers make seamless. Using exercises and in-class constructive critiques, we will begin answering important questions about our writing: Why do I write? How dol get started? How do l know when I’m finished? We will establish a solid foundation for future writing by developing a method to our madness. Students will be expected to bring in works-in-progress and to contribute to in-class discussions.

See Jonathan’s Writers Workshop for more information.

Introduction to Screenwriting
Screenwriters are the architects and iron workers of the movie business, often overlooked, but absolutely
essential to good filmmaking. Writing a good screenplay requires mastery of a variety of skills, and a commitment to excellence. Using exercises and in-class critiques, students will develop skills that will help them begin a career as a master builder. Students will begin learning the following fundamentals. How to: properly format a script, structure a screenplay, build in backstory, write natural dialogue, use conflict to develop their stories, build scenes that drive the script forward, create compelling characters, develop themes. Students will learn the importance of writing a compelling, readable and cinematic script. In the class, students will develop one screenplay idea. Beginners as well as those looking to complete works in progress are welcome.